Ghost Recon Wildlands

Today I played Tom Clancy’s Ghost  Recon Wildlands. As a veteran of the Tom Clancy series. I must admit that after Rainbow Six Siege I did not have that much hope for what would come next. 

But then they presented Ghost Recon Wildlands and my oh my what was I intrigued . And now that I have played the open beta I cannot wait untill the launch! Even though I have my settings at the lowest of the lowest and should not ever tab or try anything else but play the game whilst running it. I am still very excited and can’t wait for it to be the 7th of March.


This game gives me the Just Cause experience but better and more realistic. And whilst the gameplay it self is fun on your own, with friends it is even better! Taking down targets as stealthy as possible. Sync shooting as much as you can. Or use a tank and chopper to blast your way through every obstacle! All this is a lot of fun, but for me what sells me the quickest to buy a game is character customization. And if that wasn’t enough, you can completely customize your weapons and load out too. This game was meant to be played by me! Now all I need to do is buy myself a better PC to run it at its most beautiful graphics.



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