New (ish) Graphics Card!

YES! YES! YES! Goodbye AMD R7 200. Hello GeForce 1050!
My oh my what am I happy that I switched them out.

I’ve been running insane low graphics on games that shouldn’t even be that hard to run! Struggling with lag and so on! But, I bought Ghost Recon and I really… well REALLY wanted to play with proper (affordable) graphics. So here we are! With a new (I did buy it new, not second handed) graphics card.


Maybe a bad picture to compare! but it’s all I had.

Oh and it did not go without struggles. You know that putting a PC together is just like Lego blocks. If it fits it’s fine! If it doesn’t, you are doing something wrong.

At least, that’s what I’ve been told. I am totally not into computers. For me I pass on money to people and they fix my PC. However this time I had to do it myself. I really wanted the new card and couldn’t be **** to wait about for someone to do it for me.

So here we are with a brand new card. My PC open and me doing everything that is being whispered into my ear. All goes well up until I was installing the drivers. My cats were running about, messing shit up as usual. But this time.. they jumped on my PC and managed to press down the reset button!!!! So, PC fucked.. I’m nearly crying that I fucked up my video card and I won’t be able to play games no more. (cause the fact that the card costs money don’t matter as much as me not being able to play games for a day or so)

Luckily.. after 2-3 hours Everything was working peachy! So, what have I learned? Remove cats from room before installing.

Anyway! This Saturday a preview of Ghost Recon Wildlands!


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