Rocket League Season 4!

I am glad to inform and read all the new things to come in Rocket League season 4! which is only a couple of days away from happening. 

Rank Changes!

So first I want to talk about the ranks. We use to have Prospect, Challenger, Rising Star and Champion Ranks. However now they added 2 more ranks into the mix and renamed the old ones! Also no more Division V! The division within the ranks range from Division I to IV.


Rank Reset!

Usually when a season ends the ranks get a hard reset. Meaning everyone has to make their way to the top again or their previous ranks. This time they decided to drop you a few ranks so that no massacre happens during the beginning of the season. Where lower ranks got slaughtered by the top ranks.

New Game Mode!

Psyonix also introduced a new game mode called Dropshot. I’m very eager to play it and it brings Rocket League and your skills to a whole new level! Watch the awesome trailer yourself!


Season Rewards!

When a season ends, all players are rewarded according to their rank. This season is no different! Here are the rewards we will receive!  So I’m a rising star, this means I’ll be getting the blue wheels as well as those below the rank.



And more!

Psyonix also introduced a new car, crates and arena’s to come with the new update!             If you are eager to know more feel free to read it on their website!

Rocket League News                                                                                                                                  Rocket League Dropshot

Are you as excited as I am!? I definitely can’t wait for season 4!


Information/image source – Psyonix Rocket League






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