For those who haven’t seen it yet!


Cause my headset is shit, and I’ll be getting a new one btw. I wasn’t able to make a proper let’s play so for now! This! Enjoy! Like! Subscribe!



Finally got accepted!

So, if you haven’t figured out the previous post where I was in an application queue.. well that was the queue for FiveRP. I finally got accepted and hopped ingame. Unfortunately my FPS is between the 15 and 25 on there and keeps freezing up especially when I was driving around in the passenger seat! footage of that will soon be uploaded! Continue reading “Finally got accepted!”

Still in queue!

Yes! As you can see we are still waiting to get accepted down to place 35 in queue! I assume maybe one or two more days.


And here you can see my character has been approved! woohoooo..


The waiting game begins! and my game sucks cause when I want to play something I kinda want to do that straight away. Hope it will be worth the wait tho’.