Taking shit down like a boss.

A new video! My friends and I taking down a convoy like it’s supposed to be!


Woohoo, I wanted this for a while!

So ever since I started playing, I wanted my shots from done from further and further away. In the scenario that you are watching Santa Blanca (hostiles) disappeared at about 796 meters distance so this shot is probably as close as I will get to getting the furthest! Anywho, I’m enjoying Ghost Recon a lot! but the bugs are unreal, for an A rated game/company the game is quite disappointing regarding the insane amount of bugs.

Welcome and Hello!

So today since I could not sleep anyway I decided to start my own WordPress page.
A page where I can dump my shit, my thoughts and my game play! Just like all other social media and in hopes to have better contact with all of you. Anyway, I hope I can make good use of it and will be trying this out for a while! Who knows, maybe it will be something! or not. Anyhow I’ll see you all out there!

– Goddessoflife